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Hot Deal Wealthy Affiliate Membership

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the best way to make money in 2018

Hi ,

I have a proposition for you. Did you hear about Affiliate Marketing. I am sure you did. Do you have a Website or want a website and want to make money with it than you are here at the right place. I am a Member of  Wealthy Affiliate and it has a great platform where you can learn everything in online marketing.
If I would ask you to choose to have a cup of Starbucks coffee for 1.85 USDollar each day or a successful online business what would cost you 1.58 USD daily which one would you choose? 
You are able to create, grow, process and advance to become wealthier every day in your life. 

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most sophisticated and most helpful platforms in the world. 
It is a great early Christmas Gift for yourself. Please don’t see it as an expense as it is actually an investment in yourself. It is an investment in education.  How many times have we bought expensive things and seldom used them? Look at this pair of shoes in your cupboard you don’t wear, because they are not as comfortable as you thought, or look at the tie you never wear as nothing goes with it. 
 This price today is great today you can try 7 days for free and the first month is only 19 USD. For sign up, there is no credit card required.  You wonder what you get (besides free website hosting)

Here it is...

  • An industry leading affiliate/internet marketing education.  
  • The most advanced website building platform in SiteRubix.  
  • The most powerful, secure and reliable WordPress hosting platform on the planet.
  • As much personal help and mentorship you want from industry experts.
  • 24/7/365 access to the most interactive and helpful community.
  • Unlimited access to the WA keyword and research platform
  • Live classes every week that cover brand new topics (52 in the year ahead)
  • The ability to network with over 1,200,000 aspiring and successful entrepreneurs
  • Everything you need to create your very own successful business online at ANY level you want.
  • And an entire YEAR of updates in 2018 (new platforms, new technology, new training)

Remember, with Wealthy Affiliate you have unlimited access to the most progressive, most caring, most sophisticated, and most powerful business building platform in the world. 

Commit today and make a life change, become your own boss or just create a second income it is simple and easy. 

Check out the other post about wealthy affiliate if you are still not sure

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Black Friday Deals Life without Worries

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Patriot System

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

21 steps to success

Live the Laptop Livestyle


Favorite Patriot Funnel System Features




* Your own personal 1-on-1 Top Tier coach to ensure your success.

* Daily training lessons, videos, and webinars to keep you moving forward.

*  A 21 Simple Step System to teach you how to earn your first $1,000 or more check online.

*  A staff of professional Top Tier Consultants who will do all the closing on the phone for you.

*  Done for your payment processing, product fulfilment and customer service (PFS handles 100% of the “grunt work” for all the programs your leads enrol into).

*Insider Access to the 30-Day “Traffic Made Easy” Plan that gives you the most cutting-edge strategies for generating traffic online today.

*  You get shown proof that is really works


Jason was just like many other men in his family and he followed in their footsteps and joined the U.S. Military.

But when he retired – he had no idea what to do next. What was he going to do for income?  So, he turned to a proven system that has worked for thousands of people, and he now makes a full-time income (just using the internet). 

It’s allowed Jason Miller and his wife Erika to be the CEOs of their own lives.  They now make a full-time income working part-time from home, get more personal freedom and time than any “9 to 5” job would ever allow, and travel around the world and work “when they want”.  

Results shown are not typical. See the Disclaimer here.

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Black Friday Special Deal Borderless Income System

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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

Willie Nelson


Borderless Income System


Borderless Income System

Live the Laptop Livestyle

Favorite Borderless Income System Features
What do you get…
  • Done for you sales system
  • Done for your fulfilment, phone sales, etc.
  • You only have one task to do – place ads that drive customers to the company with the products
  • The company’s products you promote are all digital (downloadable).
  • You can also promote your own

It contains 51 training modules – 21 step business system plus 30 step traffic mastery

  • No need to build websites, learn e-commerce, learn HTML, learn drop-shipping etc., etc.
  • The online marketing concepts taught are up-to-date, and cover Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram
  • You get assigned a personal (live) business coach
  • Your coach has already started his/her own online business
  • Once you complete the training you can start promoting
  • You get shown proof that is really works 


Summary: Typically, when you watch one of these product videos, you hear about a guy who was broke, and stumbled across a “get rich quick” product and became a millionaire overnight.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, most of those stories are made up. But, this is different.  It’s called the Borderless Income System, and it’s different for TWO reasons. 

First, it has a proven track record of success, having paid out over $103 million in commissions to people in 37 different countries! Second, it’s backed up by a REAL company with over 6 years of history, a large staff, online sales funnels, a professional sales team (that closes sales for you), and much more. 

With this done for you sales system, all you have to do is FIND leads.  All the selling is done for you, and you get paid a BIG commission… up to $10,000 per sale or $20,000 per customer.

Results shown are not typical. See the Disclaimer here.

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Turn your Website into Success

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Today is the time to make money on the web. Everyone who is someone has his site hosted up on the net.

It has less to do with personal reasons and more to do with financial goals.


These site owners are cashing in on their popularity. Often, there are some stars, Hollywood stars, pop stars, etc. who host their websites.

These stars have a choice of making their sites free or paid. With an open website, you can have the luxury of doing whatever you choose to do as you do not have to pay for anything you do on the site.

Every feature on the Website is available for free. Also, there are a lot of places which pay you for doing things.

Hence you can get paid to click on the sites, and you can get paid to send emails using that site, you can also get paid for just clicking on the ads on a particular website.

Most of it will be paid as a form of web money. The meaning of Web money is another name given to the currency that these sites use.

Often, these sites offer titles such as free carrots, free points, free www dollars, etc. That has become to be known in common lingo as web money.

It is not necessary that you can surf other peoples sites only to make money.

The internet has grown tremendously, and in the course of this rise, there have been some sites which have tremendously helped the site makers to earn money.

These Websites often have a set model for making money. No site survives without a good model of revenue.

There has to be a good revenue model to help the site earn its required profits.

Thus, the site owners must first have its revenue model before setting up the website.

It is always advisable to have a free web page to earn money first.

A free web page assures you that whatever you make, will be your profits because you have no expenses for the website hosting.

A free web page to make money Is also often called a commercial blog.

A business blog is similar to your regular blog. The only difference is that in case of a business blog you put in the facts on the Website that attracts the maximum attention and give you the maximum number of page hits and thus increase your revenue.

Feel free to create your free website

This free website is different as it comes
@with website training for the first ten lesson, they are great and help you in setting it up right from the start.
@It also has the first ten steps of the affiliate boot camp.
@A Website Platform You Can Grow With
@Beautiful Website Designs
@SiteDomains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
@Virus & Malware protection
@The Ultimate Writing Platform
@Grammar & Spelling Perfection
@ Templates for Efficiency
@ A great Community that cares


Try it out it is free, and if you decide you don’t want the website, it is also ok. Hey if you do not give it a go you never know how it turns out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


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Day Trading: 3 Powerful Strategies To Make Money In 2017-2018

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3 Powerful Strategies To Earn Money Faster In 2017-2018

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

Create your own wealth

By James Spurway


Buying Stocks

Unlike buying stocks of a company and waiting for a long period of time as the company grows to obtain profit, foreign currency (Forex or FX) day trading is a short-term strategy aimed at increasing your return as you buy, sell, enter and close out transactions on the same day.

This is not an investment strategy designed to capture long-term appreciation. Here are the best ways to gain profit from Forex Day Trading in the year to come.

Learn the ropes – trade on a “DEMO” platform to gain confidence

If you want to learn the ropes of this industry, taking currency trading courses or reading a guide is probably the best way to go. Many currency trading associations and websites offer traders free demonstration “demo” trading platforms so that you can start executing trades without having invested any money.

Everything else is very much real. If you can’t make a profit on your demo account after a period of a month or two, maybe this is not for you. Some websites may ask for a small membership fee, but if you’re dealing with a reputable site, it is probably worth it, as the more established FX Brokers will also offer you tutorials or webinars that cover the basics of the market, and trading.

You will thus increase your chances of making a profit by learning the basics of day trading, swing trading and position trading, as well as the fundamental investment principles.



The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.

Alek Wek


Be politically and economically aware – know what moves the markets


You will have a greater chance of taking advantage of currency market movements if you know its basic theories, such as the fact that a country’s currency is highly influenced by its political and economic development.

In order to make healthy trading decisions, you must know the latest country-specific situations.

So before hitting the day trading market, try to stay informed by watching Bloomberg, Reuters or CNBC TV, reading the Financial Times or subscribing to online news services, as this will give you an immediate advantage.

Make sure you know the most recent inflation rates, tax laws and changes in government in the countries which have the currency you trade, so you can make smart choices.


Choose a simple system – and then stick to it

Before making your investment, you must be sure that you understand the logic upon which that particular system relies. If you can’t grasp why and how it works, you will not be able to follow it and you will suffer inevitable losses.

Instead, go for a system with simple logic, which has only basic parameters and rules. There is no relationship between the complexity of a system and the amount of money it can bring you.

Last but not least, don’t forget to look at the money management involved in the system, as this is the key to your trading success. 

One of the first principals of Money Management is to know how much of your capital (often called equity) is at risk on each trade you place. Never allow your emotions to cloud your judgement and place a buy or sell order that, if it doesn’t work out, would result in your entire equity being lost.

Although the trading activity is short-term, i.e. is all over within one 24-hour period, the aim is to be doing this day in day out for years, so you have to protect your investment.


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