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What is Blockchain and does it really matter?

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Humankind has always stood on the wrong side of history when it came to predicting how new innovations would affect their lives…and so I roll my eyes when I get asked: “What is the Blockchain, and does it matter”?

Let’s start with the conclusion and work backward, shall we?

The word Blockchain is made up of two words we all know. Block. And Chain. The blockchain is a technology. Start by thinking of it this way.


You buy a 40,000+ piece jigsaw puzzle (the blocks). You then give one piece of the puzzle to 40,000 different people, each of whom does not know which piece the other has, each of whom is connected to you (the chain). “You” are the Blockchain program.

Does it really matter? Well, yes. If you were a Dinosaur, Blockchain is the Meteor that is about to wipe you out. Permanently. You have two options. Ignore it and die. Or adapt. Become a cockroach!

Still not convinced? It’s the automobile to all horse-drawn carriage Coachmen. It’s the Kodak automatic camera to the dry plate camera operators, and ironically, the digital camera to Kodak. It’s the telex to the telegraph, and later the fax to the telex. And it’s the world wide web to all previously decentralized data (information) sources. It’s a transactional processing and data security revolution…Get the picture now?

But what IS it? Or better put, what can it do?


To easily answer the question “What is Blockchain, and does it really matter”, it best to focus on everyday applications that are already using Blockchain technology.

Let’s make one thing clear. The blockchain is not Bitcoin. The blockchain is not a Cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a Technology. It became widely known as a term with the greater acceptance of Bitcoin by the market and average investors, and with the rise and rise of alternative Digital tokens.

If you are interested to learn more about Cryptocurrency opportunities, my blog on the subject might interest you – How To Invest In Crypto Currency.

The advent of “Smart Contracts” alone has spawned a whole new industry in many sectors and “disrupted” what were markets that were typified by stifled innovation, poor customer service, lack of price transparency and lack of true competition. Previously dominant players (our dinosaurs) are scrambling for cover. Smart contracts can automate many kinds of processes and operations, the most obvious being payment and actions conditional on payment. But the capabilities extend to many business and organizational activities.

The company that has been at the forefront of the smart contract evolution and revolution is Ethereum. By their own definition “Smart contracts are account holding objects on the ethereum blockchain. They contain code functions and can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data, and send either to others. Contracts are defined by their creators, but their execution, and by extension the services they offer, is provided by the ethereum network itself. They will exist and be executable as long as the whole network exists, and will only disappear if they were programmed to self-destruct.”

Ethereum has been the platform on which many of the new players in the Cryptocurrency space have built their own digital token, which in turn has led to Bitcoin losing its dominance. However, it’s the use of smart contracts in other markets that have opened the eyes of many to the untapped potential of Blockchain.

Some use cases that have already been tested and are nearing, or are in the implementation phase are: Digital Identity, Records, Securities, Trade Finance, Derivatives, Financial Data Recording, Mortgages, Land Title Recording, Supply Chain, Auto Insurance, Clinical Trials, Cancer Research, Music Distribution and Secure Digital Voting.

How Will Blockchain Technology Affect Me Personally?

The difference in how the process looks now and how it will look in the future is visually displayed below for three usage cases, digital identity, securities, and mortgages.
For a full view of more usage cases read the CNN Special Report.

Can I Make Money From Blockchain?

Yes. How? The first and most obvious case is – invest in Ethereum. Back in the day, you did not have to own an automobile to know that owning shares in Ford was a sound financial decision. Owning shares in the dominant provider of smart contracts would seem like an equally sound financial decision, given the market potential, and the fact that usage is only in its infancy.

And it would also pay to start tracking leaders in the usage case areas I mentioned above. Dominant players will emerge who are early adopters of Blockchain in their particular patch. Sectors will go through mergers and acquisitions as company’s fortunes rise and fall, when markets are in turmoil there are always buying opportunities.

One example of a company that only exists because Blockchain and smart contracts exist, is Dent. “DENT Wireless is a company with a mission to tokenize, liberate, and democratize one the most important commodities in our time: mobile data and bandwidth. We are developing mobile apps and a marketplace using Blockchain technology for buying and selling of mobile data packages, which can be direct telco products, or originating from users that sell unused mobile data packages to each other.”
Another example of a company that is using Blockchain as the platform for the Telco business is Bubbletone. “With Bubble Tone Blockchain, travelers can swiftly become legitimate local customers of any foreign operator in the country they are traveling to. They don’t need to replace their SIM card, and they retain their home number.”


Blockchain does matter and will shape the future of many companies and even whole industries, and it will shape the user experience of those interacting with companies in those industries. There is money to be made by investing in companies that own enabling technology, such as Ethereum’s smart contracts. There is money to be made by investing in new players shaping the future of old markets, such as Dent or Bubbletone. However, there will also be money to be made from investment into the sector that is synonymous with Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. In the coming months and years, we are going to witness an explosion of Digital Tokens (Cryptocurrency “coins”) being issued globally. There will be a consolidation of companies in this space as they all struggle to remain relevant. And like with any market consolidation, there will be winners and losers. There is a famous saying that I used to hear from some older “Floor Traders” of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. In times of market turmoil, they would say “Bulls and Bears will always survive. Only pigs get slaughtered”. As always, if you try to make a “killing” in the Cryptocurrency space don’t be surprised if it is you that gets killed.
For those that are interested, I conducted a lot of research before coming up with my own Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity here.

Yours always – Jim

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Are You Ready To Make Money From Home?

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Making Money Online From Home – Fantasy or Reality?

You are probably one of the millions of people that have long dreamed about and are ready to make money from home. It probably has seemed like an unattainable goal in the past; but no more. Anyone with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can do any number of activities online that can earn them side income, and in some cases, match or surpass their existing job income. This is no pipe dream. People are doing this daily. They are firing the Boss. They are punching out for the last time. They are kissing the long daily commute goodbye. They are working from a different room in the house each day, or the garage, or porch, or park or coffee shop or…anywhere where there is a stable WiFi connection, but even that is not required if you use your smartphone as a Hotspot!

These days you just need to type a few keywords into Dr. Google, like “how to make money online” or “how to make money from home” for example, and you will be amazed at just how many “offers” are listed.

The first steps in learning how to make money from home is to do your homework! There are many opportunities you may be offered, but you will need to be armed with the knowledge to weed out the con artists from the legitimate prospects. The only way you can do this is to read, read, and read some more. Visit many websites, read reviews and use your common sense. Anything that seems too good to be true is probably just that. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by researching how to make money from home extensively. This will only take your time and may save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

Where To Begin

You have decided you are going to give attempting to make money from home a try. Now you must decide where your talents and strengths lie. If you truly want to become successful and make money from home, your best bet is to use the skills and abilities you already possess. You can make money from home by writing a blog and generating revenue, you can set up an online store where you can sell specialty items or a wide range of goods. You can create a website that offers your services if you have an area of expertise; the possibilities are endless when you decide you want to try to begin a career from home.

Avoid The Pitfalls

Lots of people say they want to make money from home, but many are not willing to work for it. It is not enough to want to make money; you have to be willing to invest not only your hard-earned cash but your time as well. Those who think they can make money from home using some type of marketing scam or pyramid are in for a rude awakening. The only thing they will be making is space in their wallet where their money used to be.

Once you have settled on a plan for a home career, learn all you can and be ready to spend hours getting yourself set up and on the road to success. You can’t expect to make the big bucks if you are only willing to devote a few hours a week at best. The people who are making the real money from their homes are the ones willing to work hard and learn from theirs and other’s mistakes. They are not afraid to take a risk and devote their energies to a program has been proven to be a successful venture that can be run from the security of their home.

But Take Off Those Rose Coloured Glasses

Although it might not be what you want to hear, every successful Entrepreneur has a few traits in common, such as:

  • They believe in themselves 110%
  • They invest money into their personal development by buying/attending courses by experts in that field, and/or getting mentored
  • They are willing to take a risks and invest in business opportunities where they could use someone else’s hard work and system, and just expand/improve upon it

One skill you have to learn fast is time management. Another is working smarter, not harder. You have to learn and live the 80:20 rule. By that, I mean focusing the bulk of your time and energy on the 20% of activities or customers for example, that make you 80% of the profit. I’ve used a product that focuses on teaching you the 80:20 rule, should you be interested. Click here to be redirected to that product page.

Look For Ways To Use Someone Else’s Proven System

One of the best ways to ensure that you create a way of making money online from home that is successful over the long-term, is to do what many people have done that have made money from home and that is, they have invested in a “Franchise Like” business opportunity. What is “franchise like” I hear you ask? We all know what a Franchise is, right? McDonald’s is probably one of the best-known proponents of the Franchise Business System/Model. What is it exactly? It’s a complete “How To” system/guide that effectively means that anyone who qualifies can be trained to operate a McDonald’s – profitably. That’s a big boast, right? It’s true. In this case, the “System” is everything. All powerful. To be followed religiously.

Well, just as there are Franchise businesses that you can’t run from home, that require more investment than the average person coming from Employment can afford, there are also what I like to call “Turnkey Business Systems” out there that have systematized a way of doing business, pretty much to the same degree as a Franchise would, except they don’t have all the formal Franchise Agreements in place, and the person who wants to use the system is not bound by restrictive conditions.

I wrote a blog about one such product, funnily enough, called Turnkey Business System. If you’d like to read my review, click here.


In 2018, there’s nothing stopping anyone researching, selecting, establishing, operating and eventually even selling a business, if they are ready to make money from home. Traditional businesses that operate in the physical realm are less likely to lead to long-term success, with the trend favoring digital products as the basis of making money online from home.

All businesses require some amount of capital to start, and a home-based business is no exception. Whilst the owner and major stakeholder (you!) might be prepared not to draw a wage at the start (which I don’t recommend), you will need to set aside some capital to pay for structure, stock etc., and also some capital to pay for advertising and marketing. Businesses need customers, and although there are ways to attract them without spending money on advertising. You should have a budget for this in reserve, in case you can’t or don’t want to take the time to learn how to establish a website and optimize it to attract customers.

If you have already made a successful transition from employment to owning your own home-based business, I’d like to hear about your challenges, highs, and lows.

Cheers! Jim

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Review: Turnkey Business System

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FranchiseA Franchise is the most successful business model because it’s a turnkey business system.

Turnkey business opportunities come in many forms. These days, everyone wants to have a piece of the online marketplace. What is an online business? You can be part of the new gold rush by promoting other people’s or companies’ products. The term for this activity is called Affiliate Marketing.

We’re all familiar with names like Amazon or E-Bay, and most of us have probably already purchased something from one or both of their online stores. Companies from just about every traditional business sector that one can imagine now have a program available that allows one to promote their products, and in so doing make money online from home.

If You Want a Free 1 Hour Mentorship Session To Assess Online Options That Might Be a Good Fit For You, Send Me a Contact Request Now…!

Turnkey Business Opportunities

As mentioned above, the only problem anyone ever has in getting into their own business these days is making the right choice. Let me ask you something.

If you had to choose a product category to promote, what would you rather have your name associated with, something that might make you a quick buck but that you know is not helping people in any way like Pornography or Gambling, or something that is 100% beneficial to those that consume it like Education?

That’s a “no-brainer” right? Constructive wins out over destructive every time. Now let me ask you another question. If you intend to invest a fixed amount on buying a product license, a fixed amount on advertising/promotion each month, and spend a fixed amount of your time each day on the business, which situation would you prefer? One where you get a small, i.e. <$20, fixed commission per new customer, and never get paid for any additional purchases they make, or one where you get >$20 fixed commission per new customer, and when the new customer buys a second or third time, stand the chance to earn commissions in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, at no extra cost (money or time)? Again, it should be a “no-brainer”.

Even if the second option requires a larger initial investment, if the path to earning the larger commissions is clearly defined and backed up in writing, that’s the kind of business that has “legs”. You can build a life and a lifestyle around that kind of business model.

Business online oppoturnity

How To Get All The Benefits Of An Online Business Without Having To Build It Yourself

None of us has the time to take a year off to “re-skill” ourselves to become “internet economy” ready! We need to be able to learn the basics in a structured way, then apply what we learn in a safe environment where we can make mistakes and learn from them, without those early mistakes sinking the business before it even gets started.

Turnkey Business System

What I have designed is a system that is built around you.  I first spend around an hour discussing what you have done so far in the online space, what you believe your strengths are, what kind of work you like to do etc. and then discuss what kind of business you had in your mind to start online. If I believe one of the offers I have access to can help you, I’ll send you a selection to consider, along with a covering email explaining the next steps in each case.
If you want to use me as a mentor to help you get started I can do that as well. It just has to make sense for you and for me in terms of the price-value equation.

What Will These Products Teach You?

All online marketing courses these days focus on showing you how the whole industry works. How products are created. How you identify a market for them, i.e. what kind of buyers have a problem or paint point that these products solve. What channels you can use to promote online products. How do you make money from this activity in the short-term, and also build up a business that will last more than just a few months etc.

When I mentor students, I spend 80% of my time working on their mindset.  Once you get your mindset right you can achieve anything. The courses and products I’ve selected will give you a lot of confidence that you could become your own boss, make you confront your failures, or at least understand how some of your limiting beliefs might have held you back and caused you to be where you are in life, give you lots of “a-ha” moments where you always held certain beliefs about businesses and being a business owner and have those thoughts/beliefs either validated or completely reversed, and more.

If you already own a small business (like a Sole Trader, Family Business, Partnership), there’s training in some of the modules that will give you the potential to earn 100 or 1,000 times what you just paid, simply by solving in practical terms the problem/pain point that every small business has, i.e. how to find and funnel a steady flow of new customers.

What Business Niche is Hot Right Now?

Digital EducationThe online niche that’s going places is Business Education. The products are delivered digitally (downloaded or consumed online). Forbes research shows that the Smart Education and Learning Market, of which this product is a subset, is expected to be worth $586 Billion by 2021.

What Do You Have To Do – i.e. What’s Your Job?

In one word – Promotion! You will be taught how to create and place Ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. However, equally effective are Ads in local newspapers, flyers to be distributed at shopping centers, schools, universities etc., and dropped into letterboxes, i.e. traditional marketing methods. Direct email is also an excellent way of getting your message out there.

You take the images/text/banners etc. that are already created and place them into these ads. They click a link that has your tracking ID embedded in it. When they come to the product page on the company’s website and buy a product, the Company knows the client came to you. Commission (50% to 90% of the purchase price) is calculated and paid to you into your very own E-Wallet (online virtual bank account).

What Is Online Business About That Other Turnkey Business Opportunities Are Not?

Online business, especially online marketing businesses have so many advantages over traditional “physical” or “bricks and mortar” businesses. To name but a few:

– you get location freedom (work from anywhere)

– you get time freedom (work at a time that suits you)

– you get lifestyle freedom (example – to take vacations with your family)

– low overheads, hence higher returns

Online businesses mean you don’t have the disadvantages of “bricks and mortar” businesses, such as:

– buying or renting premises in each market you want to service customers

– repeatedly recruiting, selecting, employing and training staff

– finding the cash flow/income to pay for all this every month, before you even pay yourself

InvestmentWhat Is My Total Investment And How Much Can I Make?

Let me ask you a question, and please answer to yourself truthfully. No one will know your answer but yourself, so be honest. How much money do you think you should make if you invest say $499? How much interest do you get the money you have in your checking or savings account at the bank?

A few percent per annum maybe? What’s 2% of $499? I’ll tell you. It’s $9.98 cents. So, if you left the $499 in the bank, you would earn almost ten dollars in one year. What kind of return could you get if you invested $499 into an Index Fund, an Exchange Traded Fund, or the shares of a NASDAQ Blue Chip or Fortune 500 company?

Firstly, you probably can’t because they don’t except such small investments, but if you could, you might make double-digit returns (10% – 25% in a good year) or double digits losses in a bad year. So again, if you made 10% on your $499, how much would you make? I’ll tell you. It’s $49.90. So, if suddenly you would like to make say $10,000 a month, do you honestly expect to make that on an investment of $499. Really?

No, of course, you don’t. If you invested in a training system that taught you all you need to know to set up your online business, and then invited you to become an Affiliate so you could promote their products, you’d expect that you might have to invest in either structure or advertising or both.  EVERY business has start-up costs. Yes, EVERY business. Even a lemonade stand!!

There is Not a Business on the Plant that Does Not Require An Upfront Outlay Of Some Sort – Even A Lemonade Stall Requires That You First Buy Lemons!

What’s all the fuss about making an investment? I’m not sure. I have the advantage of being a serial Entrepreneur. My wife and I have been involved in over a dozen Company/Business startups in the past 25 years.

Do you realize that in a normal “bricks and mortar” startup, no matter how small, the Founder invests all the money up front for premises, permits, equipment, stock (raw materials), staff, utilities etc., before he/she has their first customer, or in some case, has any idea if their product/service is even remotely attractive to potential customers.

A Business to consider with high return

That’s downright scary! Even more insane is a thing called Angel Investing which I’m involved in. An Angel Investor might invest from $35,000 up to $150,000 into a new company with an “App”, short for the application (you know – software program), in the hope and belief that the App once launched will attract lots of business or consumer customers. Again, all this money is invested in a company often before they have their first customer.

What’s important to know about investing are three things:

1. Can I afford it

2. How long (if ever) will it take to get my money back

3. What is the best case, the worst case and most likely case regarding my expected return on the original money I invested

If you can’t afford it, and I mean by that, if the alternatives are – feed my family or invest in a business now that will not produce returns for a few months or perhaps a year or more, then there is no debate. You don’t do it.
If you are interested in the Turnkey Business System – send me a contact request

Business Opportunity for Marketers

What about borrowing funds, i.e. going into debt, to fund one business startup?

In my personal experience, there is “good” debt and “bad” debt. Bad debt is when you get a credit card and spend the whole amount within a short period on items that you don’t really need and can’t really afford, but that you desire, e.g. fashion items, fads, consumer electronics, entertainment, luxury travel etc.

Good debt is when you get a credit card on reasonable/manageable terms like interest free for 12-18 months, and invest funds into a business that has a clearly defined business plan and is hopefully relying on an established business system (think Franchise) so that the Founder (you) knows that it’s only a matter of time before cash flow starts coming in.


I’ve explained what is online business and why turnkey business opportunities have a higher rate of success. In my opinion, a Turnkey Business System should not be compared to standard Affiliate Marketing Business Models, but instead should be compared to an investment in a small Franchise.

Franchises are safe investments because they have many years of proof that they do what the Business System’s creator promises. There are no guarantees in any business, and this product is not guaranteeing that you will make money. Nor could they. The success or failure of any enterprise lies in the hands of one person, and one person only. You!

Reach Out to Me Now if You Want My Free Assessment on Which Online Opportunity is Right For You!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a successful Business?

Let us know what you think about the statement “you are in charge of your own success”. I was surprised to hear that only 3 % will be successful, what is the reason? How does that success rate compare to say the top executives of a company, the top paid athletes in any given sport etc.?

Always yours, Jim


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Final Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies Scams Exposed

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Bitcoin and Crypto Currency

source pixabay

Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency are making far more headlines than any other Celebrity.

This frame grab made available by the BBC on Monday, May 2, 2016, shows the creator of the Bitcoin, Craig Wright speaking in London.

In 2011, the pair founded a Florida-based firm called W&K Info Defense Research LLC, which was engaged in bitcoin mining and software development and research. Kleiman owned between 50 and 100 percent of W&K, the lawsuit said.

It claims that the Kleiman estate owns the rights to $5,118,266,427.50 worth of bitcoin and IP rights.

The filing says it is “unclear” whether Wright, Kleiman or the two together were responsible for the cryptocurrency’s creation. But the document adds that it is “undeniable” that the pair was involved in bitcoin “from its inception,” and that they acquired a “vast” number of bitcoins from 2009 to 2013.via Self-proclaimed bitcoin creator sued for allegedly stealing $5 billion worth of crypto, other assets

sued for 5 billion fraud source BBC News via AP

Bitcoins and Crypto Currency is getting more and more popular despite the rollercoaster ride the Digital Currency goes under. Different Coins are mined, created and become popular but not as popular and fast rising as the bitcoin.

There are different Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Did you know there are more than 1384 until January 2018  Crypto Currencies registered? 

Platforms are created to trade Cryptocurrencies and allow people to trade without fees. People have killed their investment because they did not understand how to trade the Cryptocurrencies.  As the outlook is not clear and people think when they trade a coin they made a big gain and then look it up and figure out that some of the money is missing, puzzled they ask where did it go.

Will the EU regulate the Crypto -Currencies

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Union stands ready to regulate crypto-currencies if risks from the sector are not tackled at the global level, the bloc’s financial services chief said on Monday.

A global investment craze over bitcoin BTC=BTSP and other virtual currencies in the last year has seen wild gyrations in their valuations, making fortunes for some investors while others have lost heavily.

“This is a global phenomenon and it’s important there is an international follow-up at the global level,” Valdis Dombrovskis told reporters.

“We do not exclude the possibility to move ahead (by regulating crypto-currencies) at the EU level if we see, for example, risks emerging but no clear international response emerging.”via EU says stands ready to regulate crypto-currencies

Europe and Bitcoins
Are Crypto Currencies a Threat to the Economy?

Is there a threat to the overall economy with cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular. Could they pose a substantial risk for investors? Could the Cryptocurrency without safeguards be vulnerable to financial crime? Too many governments they only represent a tiny part of the financial system.

Markus Ferber, a centre-right member of the European Parliament, said a quick EU regulatory response was needed, rather than waiting years for international rules to trickle through. via EU says stands ready to regulate crypto-currencies

Crypto Currencies Hacker Attacks on Networks

Attackers continue to socially engineer cryptocurrency users by tricking them into visiting malicious sites such as “,” pictured. (Source: Cisco Talos)

Criminals continue their quest for acquiring cryptocurrencies without having to buy and manage their own mining equipment. They’re resorting to attacks aimed at stealing the cryptocurrencies via hacking, demanding them as ransom payments as well as sneaking cryptocurrency mining software onto servers to generate virtual currencies (see Cybercriminals Go Cryptocurrency Crazy: 9 Factors).  via Cryptocurrency Theft: Hackers Repurpose Old Tricks

How do they do it?

Malware is still one of the easiest operators to install on to a computer or network without the user knowing.

Old Trojan Tricks and New Targets are the new wave game.

Web injections and or attacks called “the man in the browser” are specifically designed to be activated when a user is visiting the specific website like a cryptocurrency exchange.

It will intercept the keystrokes of a user and will alter the browser interface as a disguise and the attacker will drain the user account of all the funds.

Network Hacker Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

public domain Pixabay

How the Trickbot hijacks the coins?

“In the normal payment scenario, a user looking to buy coins provides his or her public bitcoin wallet address and specifies the amount of bitcoin to purchase. When submitting this initial form, the user is redirected from the bitcoin exchange platform to a payment gateway on another domain, which is operated by a payment service provider. There, the user fills in his or her personal information, as well as credit card and billing details, and confirms the purchase of coins,” the X-Force researchers write.

“This is where TrickBot hijacks the coins. This particular attack targets both the bitcoin exchange website and that of the payment service to grab the coins and route them to an attacker-controlled wallet.” via Cryptocurrency Theft: Hackers Repurpose Old Tricks

Servers of Enterprises are mainly at risk

Kafeine warns that enterprise resources are very much at risk from these types of attacks. “Because most of the nodes in this botnet appear to be Windows servers, the performance impact on potentially critical business infrastructure may be high, as can the cost of increased energy usage by servers running much closer to capacity,” he writes. “Given the significant profits available to the botnet operators and the resilience of the botnet and its infrastructure, we expect these activities to continue, along with their potential impacts on infected nodes.”

He adds that it’s a virtual certainty that botnets such as Smominru will “become more common and to continue growing in size.”via Cryptocurrency Theft: Hackers Repurpose Old Tricks

Bitcoin is losing its heat to the Thieves

Threat intelligence firm reviewed underground markets and found out that bitcoin even still accepted, is losing its ground and the underground market is more fond of Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

The firm says that within the next 12 months, it expects bitcoin to no longer be the dominant payment mechanism for cybercrime service buyers and sellers (see Bitcoin’s Reign on the Dark Web May Be Waning).via Cryptocurrency Theft: Hackers Repurpose Old Tricks

Network Hacker to mine bitcoins

Public Domain from pixabay


Trading and buying Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Dash, a.s.o is a judgement everyone has to make for themselves. Of course, you should never invest money you can not afford to lose.Trading in Cryptocurrencies can ruin you if you do not know what you are doing. Please take caution.

Want to know how to buy Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins.

Crypto currency codex

Please note you will be redirected.

Do you invest in Crypto Currency? what is your experience and what are your thoughts on the development of the Coins. Please comment and share your thoughts.

All the best Jim

Read our other post on CryptoCurrency

How To Invest In Crypto Currency




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CryptoWorld Network things you should know

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Who is the new Kid on the Block?

CryptoWorld Network

Who is the new Kid on the Block

A new launch of the Crypto World Network and if someone is inviting you to join do it. There is a 7 Day Free Trial you can have a look around at what it has to offer. 

I will give you an honest review as I can talk from the inside of the program. I have joined the 7 Day free trial, as I am already a member since 2015 for the sister company Global Money Line. If you plan to jump on the wagon of Cryptocurrency than try it out.

CryptoWorld Network

A Short intro on the Background of the company

CryptoWorld Network is a sister company of the Global Money Line Program. 

 Global Money Line Program is a great Program when you start out with the Internet Business. GlobalMoneyLine helps you to build your List. Remember the Money is in the List. 

Registered in November 2017. Info about the company from Whois

Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street:
Registrant Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
Registrant City: Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province: Arizona
Registrant Postal Code: 85260
Registrant Country: US

Both are Networking Companies, and they live from Marketing Trends. At the moment the Digital Currency is in “trend”  and not one day goes by, where there isn’t something posted on the net or written in the newspaper.

Cryptocurrency is running the show at the moment. Cryptocurrency has made already millionaires since it started in 2008.

What are the products CryptoWorld Network is offering?

CryptoWorld offers a platform for Networking in the Cryptocurrency.  People can talk back and forward with other members and it is like Facebook, it even looks similar. 

Ideas and information can be shared. It is easier to get information on hot deals, great investments, strategies and special deals or opportunities.

There are pro and cons to it. As some will say this info you can get on the internet for free. What is correct but you also have to consider you are easier to fall for a scam than in a Members network.

If you have to do your research that takes time out of your daily schedule. Some will say it is valuable as you can learn from people who have experience in the Crypto Trade. The Platform has many areas and focuses. 

One thing is for sure you will find Education on the blockchain technology, and you will find plenty of good information on making money with ICO’s mining, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Monero and lots of other things.

As people have paid for a membership, you can be assured that most of them have a crypto wallet and are serious.

Unfortunately, too many scams are out there, it doesn’t matter how careful we are, we always will be a target.

If you enter the Members area the platform looks like Facebook alike. 

Crypto Currencies Bitcoin

The Platform has different Membership packages 

The lowest one is the Networker – $49 per year

  • Access to the network
  • you earn the right to promote the platform and earn commissions. 

the medium one is Pro – $499 per year

  • Access to the Pro Network
  • You are able to start your own group within the network. (If you’re expert in forex trading, then you can start your own group about forex trading,) you can start any group you want) 

The highest one is V.I.P. – $999 per year

  • Access to the VIP network
  • Includes the Access to other lower networks like Pro
  • It gives you the ability to create your own business page within CryptoWorld Network,  you can use it to funnel people or give them training ( you can also charge a fee, )or use it to promote your own Business and or CryptoWorld Network.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Monero

The Special Prelaunch Promotion Subscription of $999

  • If you add the cost of joining at the different levels, it will cost you around $1,547.
  • ( Means Networker, Pro, VIP are all included) 
  • But if you take this package, you are able to save $548. This package comes with the prelaunch, not so sure how long it will be still around. Please note those are yearly fees. The next payment after one year will then be $1547.

Bitcoin, Crypto Currency

Additionally, you can subscribe to the AdPac.

  • The Adpac $49 a Month 

Ad Pac is similar to Lease Ad Space where they lease Ad Space for you to advertise. Only here it is called AdPac. What makes sense as you have already your target audience inside the member’s area. 

Crypto Currency Bitcoin

This can be a helpful tool if you have an online business related to cryptocurrency or other money-related trading business. I am not so sure if the ads are controlled and checked for Scams, but I believe that People will ruin their reputation if they advertise scam. By subscribing to the AdPac you have a target audience and possible prospects for selling your Business. 

It is a perception of each individual what and how they want to promote their Business.  Some like paying for ads including  Solo Ads and email marketing.Others don’t like to pay and go with organic traffic like blogging and SEO( Search Engine Optimization). There is no right and wrong do what suits you best.    

How does this Compensation Plan work

Retail Customer Profit

A Retail Customer is someone that purchases product/services
from a replicated CWN site at Retail. A Retail customer is
purchasing the product/services for their personal use and not
required or expected to build the business. A Retail Customer
does not get paid commissions on any volume of any kind.

Binary  Commissions  ( Team Commissions)

A “Binary”, the meaning is two teams a left team and a right team that grows from you and others who purchase. 

Soon as your team grows, you can receive Binary Commissions from not only the people you have referred and purchased the product, you also receive of the people they referred and purchased the product. The two teams in your organization may help in creating additional commission volume selling the product. You will then be paid a percentage of 10 %to 20 % based on your weaker teams commission volume. 

Crypto Currency the way to go

An IR with 1,000 GV on the weak leg and 2,500 GV on the strong leg, a $200
the commission will be paid that time period. The strong leg volume will be
“flushed” of 1,000 volume (equal to the weak leg payout), leaving 1,500 GV to
be carried over or “carryover” for the strong leg’s GV the following time period.

Matching Bonuses 

The Matching Bonus program rewards the IR’s commitment to refer others and help them succeed. You can receive a 10 % Matching Bonus on your personally referred IR’s Binary commissions, as well as up to 40 % in Matching Bonuses on what their personally referred IR’s earn from their Binary commissions through another 4 Generations below you. These matching Bonuses are paid each time period. 
In short, this is extra money and the more you help the others the more money you can make. 

Each Generation of Sponsorship 1 to 5  earns you  a 10% Match

Digital Money
For example,  a personally sponsored IR on the 1st Generation under an IR earning $200 Binary commission and second Generation earning a $200 until the 5th Generation each earning $200 then you would get an additional matching Bonus of $100. This is the 10 %.

The Concept of CryptoWorld Network is a Pyramid Scheme or MLM ( Multi-Level Marketing)  Concept. You can sell the Memberships to other people and also earn money. 

Is CryptoWorld Network worth to join? Yes, alone the education you can get if you are interested in this Field and want to learn more about Cryptocurrency. I would say try it out and see how it feels. You can only join through invitation. 

Crypto World Network
You are keen to do it, and now you need to know how you get there and actually become successful. 

All depends on your marketing and selling skills. CryptoWorld Network is a” Network Marketing Business” and if you want to make money you need to have some marketing skills in online marketing.

If you know the online business and you know how to market have a look at our Blog “The Power of Email Marketing” 

If you are new, with no or little money to spend than you need to start with a free website click here and learn how to attract customers to your site. You have to start somewhere.

I hope this review helped you with the CryptoWorld Network.  Please feel free to comment and if you need help or have questions please feel free to comment or email me. 

James (Jim)













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