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When Is It Okay To Sign Someone Up For Your Company Newsletter?

1. When they’ve told you, through a double opt-in, that they want to receive your newsletter and get updates about your company.

When is it NOT Okay To Sign Someone Up For Your Company Newsletter?

1. After they visited your company’s booth during a trade show and were forced to hand you a business card that contained their email address.

2. When they gave you their email address for some other purpose other than signing up for an email newsletter. For example, to register on your Web site, to leave a blog comment, to enter a contest, to fill out a contact form.

3. When you got someone’s email address because you both attended a mutual friend’s wedding and she gave you her business card so you could stay in touch because you went to high school together and she was feeling a bit nostalgic. [True story.]

4. When you received someone’s email by guessing. [,…]

5. When you stole their email address from somewhere else on the Web.

6. When you purchased their email address from a soulless email list.

7. Any other reason that does not include them double opting into your email newsletter.

Yours truly. Jim

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