How do I start my own online Business ?

Debunking The Myths About Starting an Online Business

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If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me “When is the right time to start my own online Business”, I’d be retired already!! 🙂  There is no right or wrong time. I’ve seen an 18 year old student do it and achieve their dreams and I’ve seen an 80 year old grandmother do it, and make enough money to live a great life and take care of her grandchidren as well. So in my humble opinion, it’s never too early or too late to start turning your passion into an Online Business 🙂

The $64,000 questions is – “How do you make money with an online business?!”  Let me answer this by first telling you what “NOT” to do…

If you’re committed to or seriously considering starting your own online business, you’ve probably spent a lot of time reading articles on the subject. So, how can you get started and make money on the world wide web? You could be forgiven for thinking everyone nowadays owns a website or does some kind of online business. The approach to starting your own online business has evolved over the past 5+ years. It used to be considered normal to spend thousands of dollars to build up or pay for a comprehensive website which you then filled to the brim with all manner of “products”. The problem was, the owner of those websites had to subsequently spend even more money learning the ins and outs of online marketing, or pay a consultant a lot of money to create and manage an online marketing campaign. Consequentially, a lot of people whose dream it was to create an online business so that they could break free from the “hamster wheel” of having a job, ended up in debt with little or no chance of ever creating a significant passive income stream.

My wife and I learned this the hard way. We initially followed a similar path. Luckily we saw the flaw in this strategy in time and changed direction.  We now feel the safest way to start an online business is to first learn the ropes without spending a lot of money, and then take small steps once you have a clear vision about what kind of product or service you feel comfortable promoting.

Whilst you can start your research and hands on training and skill acquisition before you create your own website, I know a lot of people want to be able to see their website at the start, because it makes them feel like this dream of starting their own online business is real. We’ve got you covered either way. We uncovered an online community where you can start small with a free website. You don’t need to have any skills. Just be able to make decisions. Don’t worry it is not so difficult. These days there is no HTML coding involved and you don’t need to be an IT specialist to do it.

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The steps we believe you should take to start your Online Business

I started my online business journey by building my first site, which wasn’t very successful. It was very difficult in the beginning to make a great website, and I did spend lots of time creating it. What the people I used did not tell me was that having a great website without optimising it through the use of keywords, metatags, backlinks etc., was like having the best restaurant in your city, but not having any signs telling people how to find you, and not distributing flyers containing your menu and specials, and not placing ads in the newspaper, yellow pages etc.

I later learned that it was a whole lot easier to promote/advertise/sell other people’s products that I had used and/or believed in, than to go through the whole expensive process of ideation. By ideation I mean the process of thinking of, then putting into words and images, and then actually designing and creating a unique product or service.

This strategy of promoting someone else’s product is referred to as Affiliate Marketing. You become affiliated with the company that owns the product. Your job is then to create a web page on your website where you create a unique product page. And then you work on building up the number of people that visit that page, just like a new restaurant needs to build up their customer base.

Wealthy Affiliate University is a great site to help you learn the ropes, decide on a business strategy, create your website and find vendors that offer Affiliate Marketing opportunities.

After trying different strategies and wasting more than two years and investing a thousands of dollars, I found wealthy affiliate, an online membership community. It is an online community with nearly 800,000 members. It was a revelation!  One of Wealthy Affiliates attractive offers allows you to host up to 25 websites for free, although for the Domains ending in .com, .net, .org and .xyz, you need to pay. That being said, hosting an abovementioned Domain is very reasonably priced at around US$ 15.00 per year. Please note is free.

Step by Step Training with Wealthy Affiliate

You will have step by step guidance how to build a site and an online business. The first 7 Days are free and you can build your free website and go through the first 20 Training steps. 10 steps for building your site and how to get traffic to your site, 10 steps for the affiliate boot camp. If you decide later on you do not want to join it is still ok and you can keep the free site.

When you start your Online Business, or start seriously considering it, I’ve created a short list below with some points that you should be looking for.

What you should be entitled to

If you join this online community via a membership, you should be entitled to high quality and practical step by step training.

Hosting of at least one website for free (at no additional cost), although Domain names with extensions such as .com or .net, will normally involve an additional annual payment.

Access to video training in the member’s area.

Live chats and question answers.

Community access and free resources from old members.

Free webmail for your site so it looks professional.

SSL security certificate.

Comments and other written interaction from some of the other 800,000 members to your blogs and website.

Tools like site speed and spam checker.

Monthly Membership fee below US$ 50.00.

I am a Member of Wealthy Affiliates and I am very happy with them. I can highly recommend them.

The first 7 days are free, after which you will pay US$ 19.00 for the first month and US$ 49.00 from the 2nd month onward.

The site is worth every dollar I pay, as it helped me fine tune my Online Business a long time ago.

To take advantage of my 7 Day free trial click here 

Wealthy Affiliate the best online business to learn form

If there is one lesson I learned on my journey, it’s that you can waste months or years and invest tens of thousands of dollars trying to find the right path. Don’t waste any more time searching, and in the process, potentially falling victim of one scam after the other. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Start with proper guidance and you will succeed, quickly, in proportion to the time and effort you invest.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information, or you have a question you’d like to ask me. If you need help to get started please give me a buzz.

Yours truly,

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