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 Why is Jaaxy one of the best Keyword tool?

Have you heard the phrase Content is King?Good and quality Content will help you with your ranking in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Why should you use free keywords written grammatically correct? ( they should make sense)Many people stumbling around when creating their content for their affiliate Websites.

Lots of them do not understand the use of Keywords and what is it all about. Using Keywords is a great way to get you ranked higher on Google.

But to using Keywords there are also some rules. We discuss this later.But Keywords are not everything the main thing and the main purpose is to create content that helps people and has a Quality behind it.Google will index all of your content and the natural keywords they contain.The natural keywords also known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords will in a way naturally appear as we continue to write our content.

I will give you an example of the Jaaxy keyword tool please watch the video below the Jaaxy search bar, it gives you a full explanation how it works. The second video is a comparison of different Keyword tools. For me, Jaaxy is one of the best. Try it out you can see the Jaaxy search bar and you have 30 searches free.

What else can Jaaxy Keywordtool do 

Believe it or not, it actually has a lot of other features that are really great and very useful to a successful Internet Marketer.

  • Keyword rank tracker ( it shows you the competition for your keyword )
  • Keyword search with all data you need to rank with your site on the first page in google
  • SERP Checker
  • Great spy tool to check out your competitor’s sites and what they rank for. See there ranks and improve yours if they are better than you. ( check out with specific keyword they have used and rank for )
  • Generates the Alphabet soup technique  automatically
  • One more thing is you can search affiliate programs in your niche
  • This one is my favourite it has a Brainstorming platform
  • It will track your site’s keywords ranking automatically
  • Discover so much more Jaaxy is a great tool


Video Jaaxy Keyword tool how to use

 Jaaxy Free Trial Keyword Tool


Video of Jaaxy Keyword tool compared with other Keyword tools.   


Thank you for watching and trying the Jaaxi Keyword Tool. A way to be ahead of your competition. You like what you saw please comment below, tell us about your favourite Keyword tool.

Yours truly. Jim

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Jaaxy the Keyword tool

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