Affiliate Marketing A Great Way To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing a easy way to make money


What is the best way to make money with Affiliate Marketing

The question is “What is Affiliate Marketing”? Let me give you a simple explanation. Ask your self how many times have you told a friend or relative about a product or service that you like, and they got inspired by your recommendation and they purchased that product or service.

So now imagine you do the same thing on the internet, but on a larger scale with different people. Then imagine that the companies which product you recommend and refer people too, paying you a commission for your referrals. That’s how affiliate marketing works. Isn’t it great? 

Is Affiliate Marketing a Legitimate Way to make Money online.

What is the cost involved? 

*In general, there is no cost to join most affiliate programs. Most affiliate Programs are free, please do not get it mixed up with an Affiliate membership program where you join the program and learn step by step how to set up a website and learn the do and don’t of an Affiliate Marketing program. 

*The ability to be your own boss and work according to your hours, plus you can work at home, or anywhere you want.

*The cost for startups are usually very low. It is a fraction of any other traditional business can be.

*No worries about customer service, inventory, shipping, return orders or receiving.

*Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to start a business. There are many affiliate programs out there and they assist you in many ways, the great thing is they allow you to get started immediately.

*All comes down to your choice, you do it either part time or full time.

Affiliate Marketing A Great Way to make Money online.

When you understand that, you will be surprised how much affiliate marketing is going on in the digital world.I remember the first time I heart about it, I could not believe it. It’s all around us.

Have a look around, you are confronted every day with it, whatever you notice it or not. For my case when I drive out of our housing development, there are little signs beside the road,  just big enough to draw your attention to it about a dating website. I did not realize they were put there by an affiliate marketer promoting this dating site.

Next time you shop at your favourite online store try scrolling down to the very bottom of their homepage. Many of these companies have a little link on the bottom footer labelled “affiliate”.

For example look at the or Dell Computers sites. All these companies looking for people to advertise and promote their products. Ask yourself how many times have you purchased something on the Internet and ended up making your purchase through Clickbank? If you recognized it.

Clickbank is an affiliate program network. They describe and call themselves as “…the Internet’s largest digital marketplace”. They are basically the middlemen between affiliates and the real product sellers. It helps Companies with products to sell as many as possible and in the same, the exposure of their products reaches a huge network.  If you have a digital product say an eBook or software you want to sell, you might put it on Clickbank. When someone purchases your product, both the affiliate and Clickbank get a percentage of the sale. 

What is the best Affiliate Marketing Programs

When you start any Affiliate Program you must have a website of your own. It has to be filled with content otherwise the Affiliate Program might recheck you. There are people who tell you, there is no need for a website to promote your products but then you giving away gold. You need to know when the person buys the product he will leave his email and it is considered a future customer as you can then build up your email list. If you around long enough you will hear the money is in the list. 

Below is a link where you can create your website for free it comes with 10 training lesson and 10 boot camp lessons. It also comes with a great community where you can ask for help.

Affiliate Marketing the best way to make money

Turn your passion into money

As an Affiliate, it is not uncommon to market for multiple companies and  ( know the saying don’t put your eggs in only one basket) creating multiple streams of income. It is highly recommended to focus on one particular type of product. For example, you have a site that promotes Internet dating and the other one is work at home possibilities.

Opportunities are out there for anyone who wants it. It does take some effort and time during the startup month, but if you are persistent, passionate and driven by success you can create yourself a great business with extra income. 

Not everyone Will be successful with Affiliate Marketing

Doesn’t matter you are single or married you can work from home or anywhere you want. If you are married you can spend more time with your family. One golden rule you should follow is before you start to do your homework and do plenty of research on what you want to do.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who try affiliate marketing, don’t stick with it, do many things at once and wondering why they fail. The ones who succeed are the ones who are persistent and passionate taking the time and effort without rushing from one to the other product.

You can earn great money doing it. My best advice I can give you is,  start slowly, take baby steps, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things,  do your research, and test to see what works and stick with it!

We love to hear from you, tell us your story how you become an affiliate marketer or how you started your online business. It is a great way to share with the community. 

Yours truly. Jim

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