Money and the Mind

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Mindset training

Money and the Mind

A Healthy Mind is a Wealthy Mind


This famous quote attributed to Henry Ford says it all. If you focus on positive thoughts about your hopes, dreams, and goals, your subconscious, the most obedient servant, will carry out your wishes silently, faithfully and to the letter!


By James Spurway

Earlier I said that a Healthy Mind is a Wealthy Mind. Do you understand why? Let me explain a bit more in detail. But the topic what we talk about is a wealthy Mindset. Without a wealthy Mindset, there is no way that you ever will get rich and become a Millionaire.


What is “Mindset”?

A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. An inclination or a habit.

Successful athletes, martial artists, world champions in every different sporting code, spiritual leaders of all faiths, and people who overcome life threating diseases and illnesses have it.

Every successful Entrepreneur has it in spades!  What’s “it”? A strong and unwavering belief in themselves and their mission. A “can do” mindset.

Do you have “it”? Yes? Good for you. If not, don’t despair. It’s teachable. You can learn from a mentor like me.

Give your Mind the right setting

In addition to undertaking Mindset training, all of the Home Based Business Opportunities like “How To Make Money Online”, “Make Money From Home,” and Affiliate Marketing courses we recommend, all come with a Live Coach, and the training will cover skills and mindset training.

Perhaps reading my personal story will help you grasp the power of building and maintain the right Mental Mindset.

How do Mind and Bodywork together?

You can also download our Mindset Movie for free. Do it 3 min a day 3 or 4 times, and slowly you can see the old imprints from your Mind holding you back are changing.

I grew up poor. I didn’t know it until about Grade 5 at school. My best mate and I used to swap or share school lunches.

My lunch was often peanut paste and honey sandwiches on wholemeal bread, not the neat square loaves that come pre-sliced, the high-top loaf that we cut ourselves with a bread knife.

My mate often had mutton or corned beef sandwiches on fluffy white sliced bread.  I asked my Mum once why I couldn’t have the same as he had for lunch.

I remember her being very upset, not angry, “just sad.”

My lunches didn’t change, and I didn’t ask again, but as the years went by, I realised that my Mum and Dad were both working the Dairy Farm where we lived, as well as second jobs as Cook and Janitor respectively, just to pay the bills. I was the youngest of our family.

I know my Dad came perilously close on a couple of occasions to losing the farm to the bank for not being able to pay off a small overdraft Mum and he had, and going to jail for not filing and paying his income tax.

The fact that we were “poor” didn’t bother me. My financial thermostat had been set to the poor, and it seemed comfortable. My Mind blueprint was programmed to poor. I did not have an Entrepreneur spark at all.


Mind and Body

With the age of 13 years, I saw a beautiful bike in our town store. It was second hand, but to me, it looked like a Ferrari.

I wanted the very latest Malvern Star “Dragster” bicycle.  When working on the Farm, I was making about One Dollar a week in pocket money.

The new bike cost $21. I remember it as clear as day. Midnight blue and lots of chrome. Was I willing to wait half a year to save up for that bike?

No chance!! So, I talked about it with my Dad. He said if I was willing to work on a paddock behind our milking shed, he’d get me the seed and fertilizer I needed. I had to start from ground zero.

Plough the ground, plant the seed, water the plants with buckets of water. Weed the rows with a chip hoe (i.e. the old-fashioned way), spray the plants for pests (using a backpack and hand pump). It all depended on the weather, the insects, pigs and cows not eating my crop. Influences I could not control. I hoped and prayed each day that I succeed with my harvest to buy the bike.

So what do you think did I make it?Did the 13-year-old me see it through? You bet I did. It wasn’t enough to buy the bike, but I got it eventually with other additional work. Oh, Boy was that a hard-earned bike.

I was prepared for all the hard work and did additional work to get there.

There is a way to call this, it is called a ” Mind -Smart” way to achieve what you want.

@ I had a specific goal in mind (S)

@Set myself a time frame (M)

@ Take Action every day – prepared to walk the extra mile to achieve my goal (A)

@Relevant goal to your life vision and achievement (R)

@Trackable, each Day I worked I saw the progress in getting closer to my bike. (T)

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I’d been moderately successful at various stages of my life, but never consistent in my ability to find a great business opportunity until I met my wife.

how to think and grow rich
Mindset growth
Mindset training

How to Think and Grow Rich

The Poor yet comfortable part of me kept on butting in. Questioning the need for absolute focus on achieving financial success, at the sacrifice of other facets of my life.

How many times, I did sabotage myself when I started to be successful. Many times I lost count of it.

I loathed the trappings of success that others had and showed. I was stuck in a rut. Between a proverbial rock and a hard place. Does the story have a happy ending? Guess….

My wife, who is the wise one and successful one in our partnership, had been quietly steering me for years in the direction of self-development, meditation, mindfulness etc., which I had in the main ignored.  She had given me or given reference to dozens of books, videos, audio podcasts etc., and I had sporadically dabbled in them.

When I came around a Training of a leading Internet Marketing Firm that specialized in Education, one of their subjects was “Mind Set Training”. It blew me away. One task was to read 3 of the best selling books about Money and Wealth.

My first book was T.Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

I remember it clearly. The day I was reading the booked called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker.

There is a chapter he mentioned that we all have a money blueprint. We all have a financial thermostat. And hence we all have a positive or negative, healthy or unhealthy relationship to money, and by default, financial success.

The second Book” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill


Get the free e-book here

Book 3 “The Science of getting rich” by Wallace Wattles


The rest, as the saying goes is history.  I was able to stare the other me directly in the face and claim with a clear conscience that I wanted the financial freedom that had eluded me all my life. I was able to start correcting bad money habits that had built up over 40 years. I was able to see what business opportunities were worth pursuing and what were merely fools gold.

I’m still a work in progress but I’m happy that I discovered the key to business success, and mindset before it was too late. So I wish you well as you embark on your journey to make money online, or make money from home. To your success!


We love to hear from you, don’t forget to get your free Mindset Movie.

Free Mindset Movie

Please comment or send me an email if you have questions or need help.  I am happy to help.

Yours truly. Jim

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Tap Into The Source That Will Help Set You FREE
Learn About The Latest Trends and Tips in Mindset (Personal Development), Online Marketing, Home Business and Active Trading Strategies in Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Metals and Crypto Currencies...
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