Turn your Website into Success

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Make Money With A Website

Turn your Website into Success

Today is the time to make money on the web. Everyone who is someone has his site hosted up on the net.

It has less to do with personal reasons and more to do with financial goals.

These site owners are cashing in on their popularity. Often, there are some stars, Hollywood stars, pop stars, etc. who host their websites.

These stars have a choice of making their sites free or paid. With an open website, you can have the luxury of doing whatever you choose to do as you do not have to pay for anything you do on the site.

Every feature on the Website is available for free. Also, there are a lot of places which pay you for doing things.

Hence you can get paid to click on the sites, and you can get paid to send emails using that site, you can also get paid for just clicking on the ads on a particular website.

Most of it will be paid as a form of web money. The meaning of Web money is another name given to the currency that these sites use.

Often, these sites offer titles such as free carrots, free points, free www dollars, etc. That has become to be known in common lingo as web money.

It is not necessary that you can surf other peoples sites only to make money.

The internet has grown tremendously, and in the course of this rise, there have been some sites which have tremendously helped the site makers to earn money.

These Websites often have a set model for making money. No site survives without a good model of revenue.

There has to be a good revenue model to help the site earn its required profits.

Thus, the site owners must first have its revenue model before setting up the website.

It is always advisable to have a free web page to earn money first.

A free web page assures you that whatever you make, will be your profits because you have no expenses for the website hosting.

A free web page to make money Is also often called a commercial blog.

A business blog is similar to your regular blog. The only difference is that in case of a business blog you put in the facts on the Website that attracts the maximum attention and give you the maximum number of page hits and thus increase your revenue.

Feel free to create your free website

This free website is different as it comes
@with website training for the first ten lesson, they are great and help you in setting it up right from the start.
@It also has the first ten steps of the affiliate boot camp.
@A Website Platform You Can Grow With
@Beautiful Website Designs
@SiteDomains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
@Virus & Malware protection
@The Ultimate Writing Platform
@Grammar & Spelling Perfection
@ Templates for Efficiency
@ A great Community that cares

Try it out it is free, and if you decide you don’t want the website, it is also ok. Hey if you do not give it a go you never know how it turns out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Yours truly. Jim

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Tap Into The Source That Will Help Set You FREE
Learn About The Latest Trends and Tips in Mindset (Personal Development), Online Marketing, Home Business and Active Trading Strategies in Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Metals and Crypto Currencies...
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June 18, 2018 at 1:39 pm

Hi Ridge,
Thanks for a great summary of what we all should be aiming to achieve with our websites.
Like you said, it seems simple enough in theory, however, so many of us lose sight of these goals once we start adding content.
Thanks for taking the time to engage…I love to hear thoughts, ideas, and advice from fellow internet marketers…!

Ridge Harris

June 13, 2018 at 11:11 pm

Everyone seems to have a website today, but just look at the many websites out there and you’ll see that not everyone has a good website. By good, I stress two areas—content and organization. People go to your website because you offer some type of content that appeals to them. They expect fresh content that is well written. When they do go there, they expect to be able to navigate your site easily without broken links, i.e. when you click it, it won’t say “no link found” (or some similar error message), confusing layouts, and lots of spam. Sound easy? It’s not unless you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, it’s easy with a little guidance. Once you’ve mastered one and two down, you’re off to an excellent start. Thanks for sharing this and more importantly, thanks for having a website that is full of good content and is easy to navigate.


May 2, 2018 at 6:15 am

Hi Kristie,
Thanks for taking the time to read that post!
I love your comment. Something tells me you are quite an experienced/established online marketer!?
I totally agree. Even the extra extension, e.g. XYZ.siterubix.com doesn’t bother the average visitor/shopper/client, so long as they receive a good user experience, and so long as what you are offering them is perceived (by them) as being valuable and (preferably) unique.
If you’d be willing to share some of the websites you’ve built, I’d be very interested to learn what tips/tricks/hack you’ve learned/developed along the way…!! 🙂
Thanks again, and good luck! Jim


May 2, 2018 at 6:08 am

Hi Joanna,
“Can you tell me how long I will need to prepare a website and how many pages and post do I have to have to be noticeable on the worldwide web?”
This is the $64,000 or $64,000,000 question that everyone needs to know the answer to…and I know you’d like to get this nailed down in black and white, but in reality, there’S just grey!
Google recognizes you from the very first post, once you index it.
Your target audience, on the other hand, might not start noticing you and coming back to your blog, until you have say 25 posts. But that is also not always the case.
I was told that 100 is a magic number/level of blogs above which the traffic to your site becomes significant and consistent.
It will depend on factors like:
– how interesting and well written your content is
– the use of appropriate keywords
– backlinks
– the frequency of your posts etc.
The basic training that comes with the free website I mentioned in that post is a good place to start.
However, like any business, you do get out of it, what you put into it. We’ve all had to invest a lot of time and some amount of money to learn enough to start implementing a daily strategy that grows into something valuable.
Preparing a website can take from a few hours to a few days, depending on your ability to watch training videos and then follow, and also depending on how fussy/particular you are with style/content etc.
Good luck! Jim


May 2, 2018 at 5:47 am

Hi Leanne,
My pleasure. Starting a business online can be fun and easy and relatively inexpensive.
Often times the difference between people getting really good results, and fairly modest results is guidance and mentorship.
So if you can, always try to tap into products/training that allows you to start small and then scale up, and provides you with options that range from free services to boutique services, if and when you want more hands-on help from someone to grow your business.
Good luck and share your journey/experiences, please…!!
Cheers! Jim


May 1, 2018 at 11:30 am

Great article. I also wish to add that free websites like this are especially great for creating blogs and landing pages. Imagine creating an ad on facebook for your product or service and then putting a link in the add which leads to a singe product landing page. In such instances, the user doesn’t care if the site is a free one or not. He’s interested in the product which he followed from your facebook. The same goes for blogs. As long as your blog is interesting and carries great content nobody cares if the hosting is free.


May 1, 2018 at 2:33 am

I always thought to start my own online business but wasn’t so sure if I succeed.
I have been burnt twice and I do not like to go through this again. Can you tell me how long I will need to prepare a website and how many pages and post do I have to have to be noticeable on the worldwide web?


April 30, 2018 at 7:57 pm

Hi. Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking for a way to host my website without spending too much. I’ll go for this and I’ll give a feedback later.

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