What Do You Do For A Living…

What Do You Do For A Living?

“Answering the big Question.?” 

Hi, my name is James Spurway and I am an Internet Entrepreneur. ….. Pause…. than say I help people to get started in the Online World. …………. now look at the faces this is the intro….Truth to make money on the internet

Create your own wealth

By James Spurway

When you make a living online, a lot of people won’t understand what it is you do.Some of them will think you’re nothing more than a spammer – just because you work on the Internet.

You might even run into people who automatically assume you’re into playing games or promoting porn because they think that’s all the Internet is used for!

You need to be prepared to deal with people like this.  Some of them may even be close friends and family members who are simply ignorant about the different uses of marketing in the World Wide Web.

The first thing you need to explain to people is that those very few people who work on the Internet are spammers.  Spammers actually make up a very, very small minority of those who make money online.

They are so busy spamming that they do not have time to make money.Making Money online is not a Fairytale it can be done when you do it right with the right expectations. A lot of People think it is a get rich quick scam overnight.

How to make money online

Let me tell you unless you hit the Lottery jackpot you do not get rich overnight.
Working as an Online Entrepreneur requires the same set of skills as any other high paid job.
The difference is as you work for yourself. You can choose to do it full time or first part-time. In any way, there is a lot of Commitment, self-discipline and self-motivation are involved.

Believe me, over the years I come across people it does not matter how many times you explain to them what you do even in a simple way they do not understand your view of what you are doing.

You have 2 Options to answer…



Go along and tell them that you run a website (or websites) and you place advertising on that website.Every time someone clicks an ad and purchases something, you receive a commission.If you make most of your money through AdSense or selling advertising on your sites, you can simply tell people that you place advertisements on your websites, and you charge advertisers for that ad space.

If you decide that you do not want to deal with that show them some of your sites or blogs to illustrate the point. Some people feel more comfortable just telling people they design websites. 

If you’re a decent website builder, this will probably really impress people, but be prepared to get requests from people asking if you’ll make them a site, too.


If you don’t want to deal with all of the questions about spamming and porn, just telling someone you design websites will usually be enough to throw them off your trail.If people are particularly persistent with their questions, you can start to point out some examples of people who have been very successful making money online.

make a million

Don’t just use examples of famous Internet marketers like John Reese, Jaz Lai or Yanik Silver! Use some examples with verifiable “proof” in mainstream media.For example, the famous “make money” blogger John Chow has a number of stories out there about him.

He started with Matt Lloyd a young  Australian Entrepreneur who was broke and became rich but not overnight after he put in a lot of work,  now he has his own product line called Mobe. This is called High Affiliate Marketing where you can make higher commissions.Said that it also means the startup cost is higher.

There’s also teenaged entrepreneur Ashley Squalls who has made mainstream news in a big way by making over $70,000 per month with advertising on her site that gives away MySpace layouts. And of course, the infamous Perez Hilton – a celebrity blogger who cashes in on the ad space his blog has.
You can also find other famous people like Shakir Hussein a good friend of mine, and Chris Duncan also a good friend of mine. 

You should try to realize that some people will just never understand what you do.Try to explain it the best way you can, and if it doesn’t work, accept it and move on. 

Some people just won’t get it. If the in-laws or your spouse are nagging you because your money isn’t yet streaming in, and you feel pressured, put together a simple presentation that answers all of their questions and puts their minds at ease. 

I have learned in all these years that friends and family get quietly frustrated when you spent hours on the computer and not interacting with them as usual. On the way, you might lose some friends, and they do not want to leave the Trail of Comfort. Congratulation on your way to financial freedom. 


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